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Thanks to Google Videos and You Tube for all the funny, comical and sometimes even sad laughs!

Category: Videos
Accidents & Crashes Animals & Pets Commercials
Funny People Prank Videos Sport Videos
Skilled & Gifted People Cars & Vehicles Art & Inspiration
Animals & Pets
Video Amazing Lyre-Bird Amazing Lyre-Bird
Wild Bird can copy any sound from other Birds, Humans and Sounds like car alarms, chainsaws etc. You've to see this amazing video. 3 min 35 sec
Video Dancing Dog Dancing Dog
Dog dancing with trainer. 2 min 12 sec
Video Funny Cats Funny Cats
Short video clips of cats caught in action. 1 min 53 sec
Video Dog Riding Bicycle Dog Riding Bicycle
Dog riding bicycle on the street. 42 sec
Video Cat Massage Cat Massage Video
Cat giving dog a massage. 32 sec
Video Cat Jump Cat Jump
Short Video - Kitty jumps graceless over fence. 23 sec
Video Cat in Fishbowl Cat in Fishbowl
Big Cat climbs into a small fish bowl. 27 sec
Video Little Teasing Cat Little Teasing Cat
Funny Video of a Little cat that teases a big cat. 10 sec
Video Killer Whale & Kayak Killer Whale & Kayak
In this amazing video an Orca leaps out of the water and lands on a kayaker. 22 sec
Video Monkey & Dog Monkey & Dog Video
Monkey with guts, teases a dog. 9 sec
Video Monkey vs Tiger Monkey vs Tiger Cubs
Video of a monkey that teases two tiger cubs. 2 min 24 sec
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Art & Inspiration
Video Animusic Animusic Previews - Pipe Dream
A great Video. CG Music animation written from the ground up. Property of Animusic LLC. 30 sec
Video Christmas Lights Ultimate Christmas Lights
Video Shows - christmas lights dance to music. 1 min 59 sec
Video Water Balloon Water Balloon Video
Water filled balloon bursts in outer space - Absence of gravity! 9 sec
Video Peace Amazing Peace Video
Peace starts in your own mind. 4 min 14 sec
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Cars & Vehicles
Video Airplane Bad Landing Airplane Bad Landing
This video shows A bit of a bumpy landing. 10 sec
Video Cars Snow Climbing Cars Snow Climbing
Video of a BMW 3 series, BMW X5, Lexus Rx300, Nissan Patrol, Volvo XC70 and Audi Allroad compete against each other on driving up an icy hill. 3 min 22 sec
Video Car Drift Action Car Drift Action
Funny and exiting car drift videos. 1 min 46 sec
Video BMW Drift BMW Drift
Spectacular drift with a BMW. 10 sec
Video Busy Intersection Busy Intersection Video
Watch how people handle this busy intersection without traffic lights. 1 min 6 sec
Video Car Doughnut Car Doughnut Video
Driver does a doughnut right infront of a police car. 12 sec
Video F1 vs Ferrari vs Fiat F1 vs Ferrari vs Fiat
In this Video 3 cars race against each other but the Fiat and the Ferrari 360 Modena are both given headstarts against the Formula 1
Video Formula 1 On Board Formula 1 On Board Video
The master Michael Schumacher, putting his Ferrari on pole for the 2004 European GP. A perfect lap!
Video Hydro Foam Hydro Foam
Check out the amazing flying boat also known as a hydrofoam, hydroplane or hydroflyer. It's a Boat, Plane and Race Car in One! 5 min 38 sec
Video Jeep 2 Wheels Jeep 2 Wheels
Video of Guys having fun while driving jeep on two wheels. 17 sec
Video Fish-tail Maneuver Fish-tail Maneuver
Video about a Driver who gets out from 3 fish-tail maneuvers at a high speed car chase. 1 min 6 sec
Video Pikes Peak Hill Climb Pikes Peak Hill Climb
Award winning short movie - Drive with Peugeot 206 - WRC Rally in Colorado. 5 min 14 sec
Video Fiat vs Porsche Fiat vs Porsche
Video Clip - Porsche gets owned at the race track. 29 sec
Video Police Escort Police Escort - Gumball 3000 Rally
One team, ask the police for help. Amazingly, the policeman agrees to lead them through the city at 100+mph. 8 min 26 sec
Video Bike Speeder Bike Speeder
Camera mounted on board a street-bike that drives 186 mph / 300 km/h. 1 min 23 sec
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Accidents & Crashes
Video Mountain Bike Accident Mountain Bike Accident
Video - Mountain Biker crashes while driving downhill at 105 mph / 170 km/h. 1 min 30 sec
Video People & Accidents People & Accidents
Video clips of people getting hurt, some are painful funny. 1 min 24 sec
Car Crash Compilation Car Crash Compilation
Strange and Weird and funny crashes of cars, buses, trucks, boats, planes, trains and limos! 2 min 15 sec
Video Bicycle Crash Bicycle Crash
This biker celebrates his victory to soon and crashes just short before the finish line. See this Video. 19 sec
Video Tunnel Crashes Tunnel Crashes
Crash videos taken from a tunnel traffic camera. 1 min 23 sec
Video Rally VW Crash Rally - VW Crash
Watch a crash video from an on board camera. 1 min 17 sec
Video Bad Day Bad Day
Crash & Accidant Video Clips from all walks of life with the song Bad Day. 3 min 54 sec
Video WRC Rally Crashes WRC Rally Crashes, Crashes, Crashes
Endless crashes and accidents videos from rally championships around the world. 26 min 34 sec
Video Chopper Help Chopper Help Video
Chopper tows a small boat, and crashes into sea. 23 sec
Video Face Plant Face Plant
A dance audition goes wrong. Watch this Video! 23 sec
Video Porsche Bad Crash Porsche Bad Crash Video
Just when on car crashes and goes off the track, another car follows causing the cars to explode. 1 min 3 sec
Video Pool Flip Pool Flip Video
A boy makes a flip and falls on his face. 15 sec
Video Ladder Fall Ladder Fall
A man falls off a retractable ladder live on QVC. 45 sec
Video Reporter Gets Run Down Reporter Gets Run Down
Video of a Reporter gets hit by a car. 17 sec
Video Vehicle Barrier Test Vehicle Barrier Test Video
How strong are those cement barriers in front of military base and government building entrances ? Watch this test! 20 sec
Video Car Crash - Lucky Guy Car Crash - Lucky Guy
Watch how lucky this bystander is. Must see video! 8 sec
Video Pit Stop Fire Pit Stop Fire
A Video of refueling Pit Stop Accident Hazard Explosion. 15 sec
Video Pit Stop Hit Pit Stop Hit
Pit stop mishap for a crew member - Courtesy Ferrari! 6 sec
Video Crossing Street Crash Crossing Street Crash
A car runs a red light, hits a car which hits a pedestrian. 10 sec
Video Plane No Brakes Plane No Brakes Video
A plane crashes into a car. 12 sec
Final Crash Funny Final Crash
Driver crashes his car close to the finish line. 53 sec
Video Pickup & Big Truck Crash Pickup & Big Truck Crash
A big truck rams a pickup video. 8 sec
Video Owned Owned Videos
Many clips of people getting owned. 3 min 59 sec
Video Extreme Mix Owned Extreme Mix Owned
Collection of Owned videos. 4 min 42 sec
Video Bungee Jumping - Land Diving Bungee Jumping - Land Diving
On the island of Tuvalu tree vines are used instead of bungee cords. Watch this Video! 1 min 56 sec
Video Very Bad Crash Very Bad Collision Crash Video
A car breakdown on the freeway ends up in a disastrous collision. 2 min 11 sec
Video Tree Fall Tree Fall Video
Man attempts to catch a falling tree. 23 sec
Video Rally Bloopers Rally Blooper Videos
Rally Car Bloopers and Accidents. 3 min 34 sec
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Video Malibu Rum - No Parking Malibu Rum - No Parking
Caribbeans park their boat in a no parking zone. Funny Video Ad. 44 sec
Video John West Red Salmon John West Red Salmon
Video about a Fight between Man and Bear. 29 sec
Video Caveman FedEx Caveman FedEx Video
Caveman sends package out, but it didn't arrive. He should have used fedex. 47 sec
Video Carlton Draught Big Ad Carlton Draught Big Ad
A very well done video. Watch this Beer commercial. 1 min
Video The Yellow Pages HairCut The Yellow Pages HairCut
Man gives little girl bad haircut, and makes his sister believe it was the hairdresser. 50 sec
Video Need Glasses Bowling Need Glasses Bowling - Synoptik
Bowling Ball rolls down the street gets lifted up in the air and a man wants to headball it. Funny Video. 30 sec
Video Mastercard - Guitar Store Mastercard - Guitar Store
Video of a Boy who gets his first Guitar, watch what he does next. 38 sec
Video Cell Phones - Hornet Cell Phones - Hornet
Two guys interact with their video cell phones, which leads to a tricky misunderstanding. 38 sec
Video Voyeur - Telecom Voyeur - Telecom
Guy watches tv with a telescope. Watch this video. 30 sec
Video Hitch Hike - Happy Days Card Hitch Hike - Happy Days Card
2 different types of girls need a ride - guess who gets picked up! 25 sec
Video Danier Leather Danier Leather
Funny Video of a Man who gives a women his room key, the women gives the room key to ... 1 min 4 sec
Video Mercado - Business Magazine Mercado - Business Magazine
Two blind men crossing street video. 21 sec
Video Japp Energy Bar Japp Energy Bar
Video Ad about a Guy stretching while other guy thinks he is pushing the car and gives him a hand. 41 sec
Video Blind Man Levis Blind Man - Levis Video
Woman changes cloth in front of a blind man, or so she believes. 1 min
Video Cat - Ford Sport KA Cat - Ford Sport KA
In this video a Cat gets stuck in the sunroof. 39 sec
Video Bird - Ford Sport KA Bird - Ford Sport KA
That's the video where the Bird gets kicked by car. 23 sec
Video Ballet Isenbeck Beer Ballet Isenbeck Video Ad
Why men choose ballet - here is the answer. 41 sec
Video Soccer Pepsi - Roberto Carlos Soccer Pepsi - Roberto Carlos
Video with Roberto Carlos master of soccer. 45 sec
Video Airport Search - Cup A Soup Airport Search - Cup A Soup
Airport Scene - A guys bag is searched for illegal items. Watch this video. 40 sec
Video Spy - Mountain Dew Spy - Mountain Dew
Video of Spy vs. Spy - Dynamite. 16 sec
Video Blond-Star Commercial Blond-Star Commercial
Video of a Blond woman trapped inside her car. 1 min 11 sec
Video Hamster Anti-Smoking Commercial Hamster - Anti-Smoking Commercial
A carpet layer demonstrates why smoking kills. 1 min 10 sec
Video Macarena - Heineken Macarena - Heineken Video
This add shows how the Macarena was born. 30 sec
Video Nike - Garnett Nike - Garnett
Video with NBA star Kevin Garnett. He carries a big load on his shoulders. 1 min
Video Pub Reggae - Budlight Pub Reggae - Budlight
A man walking his dog, wants to go into a pub, but no pets are allowed. 30 sec
Video Dog Cheat - Bridgestone Dog Cheat - Bridgestone Video
A dog gets cheated on and runs away. 1 min 3 sec
Video Rally Crash - Peugeot Rally Crash - Peugeot
In this video a Car flies through the air. 7 sec
Video Woman & Flat Tire - Good Year Woman & Flat Tire - Good Year
See what happens to a Woman changing a tire. 38 sec
Video Man & Flat Tire - Good Year Man & Flat Tire - Good Year
See what happens to a Man changing a tire. 52 sec
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Funny People
Video Copperfield Parody Copperfield Parody
Funny video of David Copperfield impersonator. 2 min 5 sec
Video David Blaine In Ice Parody David Blaine In Ice Parody
Making fun of David Blaine video. 3 min 9 sec
Video Beach Funny Beach Funny
Video of Man who looks away and falls on woman. 5 sec
Video Singing Monkey Singing Monkey
Damon Scott's Funny Monkey (Bubbles) singing one of Michael Jackson's songs. 25 sec
Video Matrix Ping Pong Matrix Ping Pong Video
A pingpong game played in Matrix. 1 min 43 sec
Video Cow Fight Cow Fight
Crazy video about a guy and a cow fighting. 2 min 36 sec
Video Bored At Work Bored At Work
Video of Bored office workers - "row" through the office. 18 sec
Video Hold My Beer Hold My Beer
Video shows What men do in the bathroom. 1 min 4 sec
Video Evolution of Dance The Evolution of Dance
Comedian Judson Laipply dances to clips of music from the 60's to the 2000's. 5 min 59 sec
Video Blooper Reel from KUTV Blooper Reel from KUTV
Funny video highlights from decades of bloopers in the KUTV 2 news vaults. 4 min 22 sec
Video Headless Headless Video
Man sneezes and looses his head. 41 sec
Video Faints Mix Faints Mix
Funny video mix of fainting people. 1 min 36 sec
Video Shakira - Hips Dont Lie Spoof Shakira - Hips Dont Lie Spoof
A hilarious, for some a disturbing, Shakira spoof video. 2 min 30 sec
Video Copy Butt Copy Butt
Watch how a man copies his butt and gets hurt. 26 sec
Video Toilet Blooper Toilet Blooper Video
A portable toilet tilts to the side while in use. 17 sec
Video Check Point Check Point Video
A horse cart gets inspected for illegal passengers. 35 sec
Video The Mathematician The Mathematician
Funny math scatch about a 25 % deal. 2 min 13 sec
Video One of a Kind One of a Kind
In this Video a Man breaks a "one of a kind" piece. 35 sec
Video Swing Distraction Swing Distraction
Man is distracted at the swing, and gets smacked in the head. 12 sec
Video Laughing Interviewer Laughing Interviewer
During the Interview the presenter starts laughing, very comic! It is in dutch but you get the idea. 2 min 28 sec
Video Teacher Pants Down Teacher Pants Down
Student pulls down teachers pants. Caught on Video. 9 sec
Video Thief Owned Thief Owned
A Surveillance Video shows how a Man steals purse from a woman and gets slamed on the floor.9 sec
Video Secretary's Butt Secretary's Butt
A Man stares at womans butt, guess what. 31 sec
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Prank Videos
Video LifeGuard Humor LifeGuard Humor
In this video a lifeguard takes a bathroom break. 1 min 28 sec
Video Stripper Prank Stripper Prank Video
Some guys get pranked while in a research group. 3 min 52 sec
Video Butt Pinching Prank Butt Pinching Prank
Nun walks the streets and pinches butts. 55 sec
Video Blue Box Prank Blue Box Prank
In this video Curios Pedestrians take a look in a box and end up with a cake in their face. 1 min 59 sec
Video Virtual Door Virtual Door Video
Man pretends to open a glass door for an other man. 19 sec
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Skilled & Gifted People
Video Snooker World Record Snooker World Record
Amazing video shows Ronnie O'Sullivans play of world record snooker. 6 min 20 sec
Video Skeleton Dance Skeleton Dance
Humorous street performance video of a dancing skeleton. 1 min 37 sec
Video Table Football Table Football
This video shows very nice table football skills. 1 min 16 sec
Video Shirt Folding Machine Shirt Folding Machine
Video on How to build a t-shirt folding machine out of cardboard. 1 min 16 sec
Video The Exam The Exam Video
What to do when you need a little more time at the next exam. 44 sec
Video Fast Fingers Fast Fingers
Very good video clips of people playing with cards. 5 min 38 sec
Video Horns Maestro Horns Maestro Video
This guy performs Beethoven, Vivaldi, Mozart and others with his body full of horns! Amazing!! 3 min 38 sec
Video Bill Gates - Pie in Face Bill Gates - Pie in Face
Video of People throwing pie at Bill Gates. 18 sec
Video Ninja Flips Amazing Flips
Some guys do gymnastics and acrobats on the street and through rings. 4 min 18 sec
Video Pool Billard Kid Pool Billard Kid Video
An extremely skilled 7-year-old Pool Billard Player! 1 min 25 sec
Video Tetris Finals Tetris Finals
A short video of a player going through Tetris Grandmaster 2 in death mode. 5 min 17 sec
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Political Humor
Video Bush Balloon Dance Bush Balloon Dance
Video where President Bush does a funny dance with a balloon. 30 sec
Video Bush - Blair Love Song Funny Bush - Blair Love Song
In this video George Bush and Tony Blair declare their love for each other. 1 min 16 sec
Video Thinking President Thinking President
Funny video editing - about the President thinking. 1 min 38 sec
Video President Bush Bloopers President Bush Bloopers
Many funny video bloopers of Georg Bush. 1 min 3 sec
Video G.W. Bush Sings Imagine G.W. Bush Sings Imagine Video
George W Bush singing Imagine by John Lennon. 4 min 38 sec
Sports videos
Video Surfing An Amazing Wave Surfing An Amazing Wave
This video shows a guy surfing a huge wave. 1 min 29 sec
Video Sports Bloopers Sports Bloopers
A funny video mix of sports bloopers. 2 min 51 sec
Video Boxing Boxing Video
Watch the guys leg to the right. 17 sec
Video Sport Bloopers Mix Sport Bloopers Mix
A video montage of professional sports bloopers including: NBA NHL NFL. 6 min 43 sec
Video Soccer Funnies Soccer Funnies
Goalkeeping blunders from the world of soccer. 1 min 59 sec
Video Basketball - James Lebron Basketball - James Lebron
What an awesome shot. 14 sec
Video Skateboard Record Jump Skateboard Record Jump
You have to see this skateboarding record jump video. 14 sec
Video Soccer Soccer Video
Player falls, slides and gets hurt between his legs. 10 sec
Video Funny Sport Kids Funny Sport Kids
Video clips of kids learning how to play golf, baseball, gymnastics and hockey. 1 min
Video Soccer Fun Soccer Fun
Funny video clips from the soccer fields. 43 sec
Video Baseball Head Baseball Head
Baseball Ball hits the passerby on the head. 14 sec
Video Skateboarding Rail Grind Skateboarding Rail Grind
Amazing skateboarding - very long rail grind!. 2 min 14 sec
Video Little Kid Basketball Little Kid Basketball
This little guy throws 18 baskets in a row. Watch this video. 1 min 31 sec
more Sport Videos
Accidents & Crashes Animals & Pets Commercials
Funny People Prank Videos Sport Videos
Skilled & Gifted People Cars & Vehicles Art & Inspiration
Lion Hugs Woman - 39 sec

Thirsty Monkey - 39 sec

Anaconda Prank - 2 min 19 sec

Ski Jumping Crashes- 2 min 24 sec

ATM Prank - 2 min 06 sec

4 Banned Commercials - 1 min 57 sec

Florida Voting Machine - 1 min 07 sec

Girl almost gets hit by a train - 16 sec

Crocodile Bungee Jumping 21 sec

Meteor Crash 29 sec

Synchronised Swimming Fish - 55 sec

Imagine - 3 min 1 sec

Trabant Rollover & Still Racing 19 sec

VW in da house! Commercial - 30 sec

A Bunch Of Funny Sports Clips - 1 min 43 sec

Lazy Polar Bear Sliding On Chin & Chest - 23 sec

Worst Police Dog - 47 sec

Crash Up A Ramp - 8 sec

Quick Change Magician - 1 min 19 sec

Extreme Crash Compilation - 1 min 26 sec

Commerical - What Two Old People Will Do For Lays - 31 sec

Diet Coke & Mentos Fountains - 2 min 57 sec

What do you think ? - 1 min 26 sec

Renault F1 Video - 19 sec

Front Row Roller Coaster Ride - 1 min 59 sec

Sniper Shoots Gun Out Of Mans Hand - 35 sec

Amazing Mountain Biking - 3 min 38 sec

Funny and Painful Referee Accidents - 1 min 46 sec

James Blunt Spoof - Bloody Cold - 2 min 17 sec

Fainting Goats - 1 min 14 sec

I will survive (Jesus Version)- 1 min 10 sec

How to Bend a Spoon - 8 min 48 sec

Lemonade Prank - 1 min

Worst Burglar Ever - 2 min 40 sec

Museum Prank - 1 min 53 sec