Play Online: Word It

How to play Wordit

1. Click and drag the letters to form words, horizontally and vertically.
2. Press and hold SHIFT to drag a selection rectangle around multiple letters.
3. To advance to the next level, make all letters part of a valid word.
4. Click the green checkmark button to see your progress.
5. Complete all 21 levels or click Menu-> Main Menu to quit or submit your score.

Description Of Wordit

If you like scrabble or crossword puzzles, WORDIT is the new game for you! Arrange all the letters on the board to form valid words. Try to reuse letters and make the words overlap horizontally and vertically to get the highest score. You can also play the special time challenge mode and build words to clear the board before it fills up. The game lets you discover new words and look up definitions online on

Click here to enlarge your game. (Hit F11 for full screen)
Have fun playing the Word It Game!