Play Online: JezzBall

How to play the JezzBall Game:

To Build A Wall: Move the Mouse until the Wallbuilder is where you want it. Scroll the Wheel of the Mouse or Press "Spacebar" or "Enter" Key to Change between Vertical and Horizontal Wallbuilding Position. Click the Left Button to Start Building a Wall.
To Pause A Game: Press "P" Key to Pause/Resume Game. When the Game is Paused, the Countdown Clock Stops.

Rules Of JezzBall

The rules for J-Ball are simple: Trap the J-Atoms into smaller spaces in order to make at least 75 percent of the camber disappear. You can check on your progress by looking at the area cleared at the bottom of the screen. The wallbuilder can sustain only a limited number of atomic hits. Each time it is hit, it loses one chamber life. The number of lives left is displayed in the upper-left corner of the screen. If two atoms are free in chamber, a wall in progress can be hit once. A second hit by a J-atoms ends the game. You're allowed an additional hit for each atom in the chamber. For example, at level 7, the wallbuilder can sustain six hits, with the game ending on the seventh. A game ends when the wallbuilder is destroyed by atoms or when you run out of time.

Click here to enlarge your game. (Hit F11 for full screen)
Have fun playing the JezzBall Game!