Play Online: Babble

How to play the Babble Game:

To pop a bubble, simply click on it. Popping a bubble adds that bubble's letter to your word. Each letter is worth a certain amount of points. Click submit when you are ready to submit your word. LMB: Pop bubble Space/Enter: Submit word Backspace or "BKSP" button: clear last letter in your word ESC or "CLR" button: clear entire word There are three different powerups x2: sets multiplier to 2 x3: sets multiplier to 3 :10: adds 10 seconds to the clock. Modes Speedy: 1min on the clock, fast paced gameplay Regular: 2min on the clock, medium paced gameplay Slowpoke: 3min on the clock, very slow paced gameplay No Powerups: 2min to play, no powerups

Description Of Babble Game:

Babble is a unique word game where the player pops bubbles to form legitimate English words.

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Have fun playing the Babble Game!