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Check out famous caricaturists that show off their great artwork with these celebrity caricatures and political drawings. A caricature is a portrait that exaggerates or distorts the basic essence of a person or thing to create an easily identifiable visual likeness and in the process tries to make you smile. Enjoy.

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Richmond Illustrations Richmond Illustrations

Tom specializes in caricature, cartooning and humorous illustrations. He is known nationally and internationally.

Al Hirschfeld creates a Paul Newman Caricature
National Caricature Network - NCN National Caricature Network - NCN

The NCN is an international organization made up of professional caricaturists and students interested in caricature.

Awesome Celebrity Caricatures
Caricatures of Famous People Caricatures of Famous People

Luis Ordonez is an Argentinian Caricaturist and shows his work of famous people on his great site.

Hollywood Celebrity Caricatures
Pictures of Caricatures Pictures of Caricatures

Portrait drawings of Politicians, celebrities and villains by Caricature Artist John Pritchett.

NBA Basketball Players Caricatures
Humorous Artists: Caricatures Humorous Artists: Caricatures

The UK's premier Caricaturists, shows caricature art, cool graphic humour, and funny artwork of famous people.

Funny Caricatures Of Famous People
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